Establishing a seeds business line is foundational to Terravana’s production cycle, providing our farmers with access to the best quality seeds and, as a result, increased yields. The Indian government is supporting the seed industry by enacting a National Seeds Plan to achieve a gradual move towards premium, high-yield varieties. The Farmers’ Rights Act 2001 ensures the quality of hybrid and biotech seeds, while simultaneously protecting the producer’s intellectual property.

Terravana’s aim is to introduce another 100,000 farmers into the value chain by 2021. We will achieve this by scaling up an existing seed processing and packaging plant and, by investing in a sizeable research and development facility, Terravana will create a vertically integrated seed technology business.

This will be complemented by modern retail outlets and an interlinked distribution network across India. Underpinning our business will be a strong brand awareness, outlining our roadmap to success. Our nationwide distribution network will be leveraged by our bio fertilizer segment, creating synergies across Terravana’s value chain. We will build customer loyalty through seller expertise in production methods and advocacy in agricultural activities.


The business will cover four main seed lines within the highly profitable and rapidly growing grains segment: fodder, maize, millet and paddy. Our researchers will collect thousands of wild samples for testing, before choosing the best specimens for breeding activity. The resulting hybrid seeds will then be cloned for uniformity in our mass production facility, followed by final processing and grading. The seeds will then be packaged for the end user and distributed throughout India using our network of farmers and growers.

Terravana’s total investment in our seeds business will be $5 million. This capital infusion is expected to lead to a business with a 5x scalability over the proposed investment horizon. The new facility will cover thousands of research lines and, ultimately, all our products will belong to the Terravana Seeds brand.